Set of 14 UV-Blacklight & Glow-In-The-Dark Postcards

Set of 14 UV-Blacklight & Glow-In-The-Dark Postcards
Total value £25 - You save £7!
A6 size / 14.8cm x 10.5cm / 4.13in x 5.83in
14 UV Blacklight Fluorescent & Glow In The Dark Phosphorescent Psychedelic Art Postcards
Shipping by 1st Class Standard delivery inside a bubble padded envelope to arrive safe and in perfect condition

1. "The Hand"
2. "Magic Sunmoon"
3. "Eclipse Over Stonehenge"
4. "Chillin' Sun"
5. "Mushrooms"
6. "Chakra Girl"
7. "B.I.O.mechanoid"
8. "Dolphin Girl"
9. "New Horizons"
10. "Two Dolphins"
11. "Rainbow Sun"
12. "Dancing Elves"
13. "Merlin"
14. "Dolphins"

Tripleview Art ™
The World's First and Only prints that combine 3 distinct views and colour effects in 1 picture (3-in-1)!
1. bright colours in normal daylight
2. fluorescent glow under UV black light
3. phosphorescent glow in the absolute dark

High Quality reproductions of Symeon Nostrakis's original psychedelic, spiritual, visionary paintings.
The original paintings are 100% handmade (fluorescent & phosphorescent acrylics on large scale canvas).
Symeon's work is featured in International Contemporary Masters 2010, an annual luxury art publication that presents artists selected according to strict criteria of originality and proficiency.

Please read carefully!
If you don't have a UV black-light, the postcards will still glow in the dark and of course be visible in normal light.
For better glow-in-the-dark results place postcards near a bright light source and allow at least 30 minutes charging.
A UV black-light source will charge the postcards better and it will make it glow more than a normal light source would.
If you do not have a UV black light then use a white fluorescent light (either a fluorescent tube or a CFL economy lamp).
Incandescent lamps cannot give good glow-in-the-dark results since their emitted spectrum does not contain ultra violet light.
Switch off all the lights! The room has to be absolutely dark, the darker it is the more pronounced the night glow effect will appear.
In short: longer charging time, higher wattage of UV light, shorter distance from the UV light source, and darker room, are all factors that will contribute to a longer & brighter glow-in-the-dark effect.

Postcards can be bought individually, see other listings.
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