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  • New Horizons blacklight & glow-in-the-dark poster
  • blacklight poster in normal daylight
  • blacklight poster under uv / black light
  • blacklight poster glowing in the dark
  • blacklight t-shirt in normal daylight
  • blacklight t-shirt under uv / black light
  • blacklight t-shirt glowing in the dark
  • blacklight postcard in normal daylight
  • blacklight postcard under uv / black light
  • blacklight postcard glowing in the dark
  • blacklight hoodie in normal daylight
  • blacklight hoodie under uv / black light
  • blacklight hoodie glowing in the dark
  • blacklight tapestry in normal daylight
  • blacklight tapestry under uv / black light
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 ★ With 3 Distinct Views & Colour Effects In 1 Picture! ★ 
• T H E   O R I G I N A L •
 3   in   1 
★  S I N C E   1 9 9 8  ★

1.   Bright colours in normal daylight
2.   Fluorescent glow under UV blacklight
3.   Phosphorescent glow in the dark

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Tripleview Art ™ is a concept created in 1998 by visionary artist Symeon Nostrakis. These are the first blacklight prints in the worldwide market that glow in the dark too! The original art comes from my large scale handmade black-light & glow-in-the-dark backdrops which I started painting in 1998 for psychedelic goa trance parties and psy trance club decor. It is elaborate fine art painted with multiple colour hues and smooth gradient transitions, unlike most other similar prints with plain designs of solid basic colors. My innovative artwork is featured in International Contemporary Masters 2010, an annual luxury publication that presents artists selected according to strict criteria of originality, skill and proficiency. Discover and enjoy the magic of my Tripleview Art!

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Visit my website www.blacklightwizard.com to see all my original black light paintings and my gallery www.333artworks.com to see all my diverse artwork.

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